I’m still here!

i have not been blogging in a LONG time! Idk why? Well I have been busy and tend to do more on FB.

I have started an occasional sale store at my house. That has been fun. I still do custom work and try to find family time.

Here are a few projects I have done in the last few months. 

 I have missed blogging so I will try harder to get back in the groove!

You can always catch me on FB, Pintersest,Instagram and on Periscope. Hope to hear from you! 


Shabby Table Redo

I had this monstrous gorgeous old table I had picked up at a swap meet. I had spotted it first thing in the morning I went over to check it out. The man was wanting $100 for it. I told him but it needed work the veneer was missing in a few places from the top was kinda wobbled. He said if it hasn’t sold by the end of the day we can bargain.
Well the end if the day couldn’t come fast enough! I checked on it all through out the day. Trying to be sneaky so he wouldn’t see me!
Finally with 10 minutes left of the sale I wandered over. He said I can do $75. I just looked at it some more and said I will give you $40 it needs work, it’s heavy you said you have hauled it to several sales so I’m willing to take it off your hands. He looked at me and said my wife will probably kill me but it’s yours!!!
I was elated!! It did sit in my workshop for several months before I got to it. I pulled it out and debated what to do with the awful top. Decided to peel off as much as I could of the loose bad veneer. Sanded it down around the edges I had peeled and filled with wood putty. They sanded it all down.
I had some chairs that were curb finds which was amazing to me people were throwing these out!! My MIL was the one who had found them and she ended up not using them so I snagged them from her!!
I painted the table top a French Grey milk paint with the bonding agent. I painted the body white chalk paint and the chairs. I shabbied it all. Did some details in the grey. I put a combo of dark and clear wax over it all.
I covered the chair seats in drop cloth and out a stencil on the seats. I scotch guarded the crud out of the seats!!
I love how pretty it is!









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Scary Dresser Revived

I was curb shopping last spring clean up when I came upon this dresser. It was scary! I was full of trash and other non recognizable things. It smelled of cigarette smoke badly! I could see it had potential. So all by myself I drug it from the curb and got it into the truck.
It sat in my shop for several months because I kept saying that is gonna be a lot of work!! Finally I decided I couldn’t put it off any longer!! I cleaned it all out and scrubbed it down with bleach water. The smell must of aired out because It didn’t stink as bad.
I decided the veneer on the sides was really rough and chose to put bead board on the sides. The drawers veneer was in rough shape too so I scraped as much as I could and filled in with wood putty where I could. A whole lot of sanding!
I stripped the top down to rid of the hideous brown paint. Then stained it with dark walnut.
I used chalk paint by American paint company in Fireworks Red. Then used a dark wax over it to give it some depth.
I got the graphic from Graphic Fairy’s site. Used my overhead projector and painted the graphic on.
I think if this dresser could talk the stories it could tell! I still have to get knobs for it. I love the way it turned out!!! I still have to go to Hobby Lobby and get knobs! I was just a bit excited to post it!!






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Shabby Purse giveaway

Hoping you all had a wonderful Holidays! I had a nice quiet holiday with my family. Wanted to let you know about the fabulous giveaway I’m doing to ring in the Ne Year! I’m having a cute ruffled purse giveaway at my Face book page The Shabby Nest Go over and check it out! All you have to do is like my FB page, share on your page and comment that you did. Winner will be drawn on Jan 4th at 9:00pm CST So good luck!!!





Repost from a few years back


I’m reposting a post from a few years back. Thought you might get a kick out if this visit to the HGTV dream home I took a tour of in Sonoma CA . No judgements on the light hair either! This was in Feb. of 2009.:)

My Dream Home NOT!

Okay, I have a little confession earlier this year I had a little obsession with the HGTV Dream Home. I entered faithfully daily and mailed in roughly (I lost track) many many entries. My hubby was ready to have me committed. LOL I Truly believed I would win. I had figured out which pieces of furniture I would keep and which rooms would need repainted. Yes, I really was getting crazy. When I found out my sister-in-law lived less than twenty minutes away I knew I had to finagle my way out there. I needed to get some measurements and figure out where I would keep my dogs (was the yard fenced) those sort of details. My fortieth bday was coming up so I told my SL I wanted to take a tour of the Dream home for my bday. So off I headed to CA.
The morning of the tour we all had to meet at a beautiful old French hotel. It was very cold and rainy that day but, nothing would deter me. This was pre-blog so I apologize for no pics of the hotel. I was a little annoyed these other people were coming with us on the tour. My dear Sl appeased me very nicely that morning. Despite my insanity. When we first got there we were a little overwhelmed by the beauty of the house. Everything was so beautiful and very shall we say looked like a decorator had done it. We were fairly calm as you will see by the pics.

The pics below will show by the time we got to the second story we were getting a little giddy. Yes, that is me sitting on the toilet in the master bedroom. Seemed like a grand idea at the time. Not so sure now though looking back. I think our tour guide was wondering what she had done to deserve the two loony ladies on her tour. Anyway I have to say it was a lot of fun and an experience I will never forget. As you all know by now the HGTV people did not show up at my house to give me the keys. Oh well there’s always next year!!